OMG - What happened to Lara Flynn Boyle?

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  1. it doesn't even look like her. :wtf:

    Actress Lara Flynn Boyle took time to sign autographs on her way out of Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills last night, but the super skinny actress barely looked like herself.

    The former lady love of Jack Nicholson has been criticized for her barely there physique for years and nothing has changed in that department, but her face still manages to look puffy despite being extremely thin everywhere else.

    Could lip and other face injections be to blame for her hardly recognizable face?

  2. Bulimia can give one chipmunk cheeks...but I cannot figure her face out,
  3. Gosh, it almost looks like she is on a steriod like prednisone or something. Other than that, Radiansse (sp?) or loads of fat may have been injected into her face, but she justs look odd. Good news is it looks like she stopped with the jumbo lips, so thumbs up to that.
  4. like like she's had botched plastic surgery :weird:
  5. Poor girl. She really does look like something must be wrong with her.
  6. That is sad !
  7. Wow she doesn't look good. She was so beautiful before.
  8. She might have an illness that requires her to take a steroid maybe? Many meds can do this to you...gosh I hope she's ok. She was gorgeous :sad:
  9. very sad..she looks like another ps junkie
  10. Looks like she may be on steroids for some type of illness...she has a cushingoid appearance.
  11. yeah, I feel sorry for her...
  12. she looks a bit like Priscilla Presley, no? car parts lubricants?
  13. Not having a job can really "kill" you...especially in Hollywood.
  14. Hollywood Starlets.....leave your faces alone!!!!!!!
  15. ACKS! maybe she got her wisdom teeth out:s, she shoulda stayed home