OMG! What color is this GORGEOUS MBMJ Clutch? I've NEVER seen this color!!

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  1. OH MY!!

    So I was browsing Barney's website and behold... The freshest most fantastic Blue ever :love: ! There was a picture of this MBMJ Clutch... OF COURSE this color isn't listed in the drop-down menu... Does anyone know the name of the color? Is it 'Foam'? Is this a new color for Spring/Summer? Will other bags come in this color? The Teri by any stroke of luck?

    TIA! :flowers:

    Mbmj Clutch.jpg
  2. I saw that on Monday - I have to have it!!
  3. It is a very pretty color. Cute too! :heart:
  4. It's called Foam. There's a larger shoulder bag called the Captain and maybe a few others that come in that pretty blue. It's up on NM and Shopbop.
  5. I have to have it too! I really hope the Teri is going to come in this color!

    Also... I noticed this morning too that the MBMJ Fall 2008 bags are posted on the website! I love that distressed black/brown color on a few of the bags!!


    Also like this one...

    Mbmj Distressed Black-Brown.jpg Mbmj New Green.jpg
  6. Thanks surlygirl! Oh is it the same as the Captain? I saw the Captain the other day and it was a reeeeally bright turquoise... I was hoping for an Ocean Blue...
  7. This color is really striking IRL. It's much more saturated than the Barney's pic. Its really really turquoise and lovely with the shiny gold hardware. It seemed like they had a lot of different bags and wallets in this color when I was at the MbMJ store. I was pretty focused on looking at clothes though so I can't tell you exactly what there was. Good luck!
  8. It is foam and I think neimans and netaporter have it in stock online
  9. i love foam! so spring and pretty! the color would pop against a white summer dress. :girlsigh:
  10. It's gorgeous!
  11. What a gorgeous color, love these new clutches!