OMG! What an ugly bag!

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  1. Totally fake, right?

    I think it's not the correct lining for this bag ... I think the original has a floral lining ... and the hardware is silver with this "canvas white' color ... .

    The Spring 2008 Dr. Q Groovee can be found in cream color ... but with shiny gold hardware ... not antique brass ... .

    Please, someone correct me, if I'm wrong, ok?
  2. Also, look at the detail of the tag attached ... it's not the usual MbMJ black tag! It's a MJ tag, right? Not a MbMJ tag ... .
  3. Yep, it's an MJ tag and it's white - a CLEAR indication that it's fake. :sad:
  4. ewwwww. Fakes leave such a bad taste in my mouth.
  5. It's so sad to see fake MbMJ bags!!!
  6. This is a pretty good fake IMO, everything is correct except for the tags and the keyring. The inside is wrong too, but everything else looks real which is SCARY!

    And yes, the scrambled letters lining should only be for this seasons shiny gold hardware, but for those who don't know, it looks okay actually!

  7. If you didn't know what the interior whould look like you could be fooled by this bag. sickening. reported. I only know because I was petting the MJ bags at Bloomies the other day. :rolleyes:
  8. Great! This item was removed from Ebay! It was reported as a fake bag!