OMG what a day! I got great deals on 2 awesome bags!!!

  1. Well, after looking for a nice soft, smooshy bag, I finally tracked down not 1, but 2!!!!!

    Called Solamia and ordered the last small Baca in taupe that they had in stock. Got an AWESOME was on sale for $450, and I got 25% off on top of that as a new customer!!!

    Next, I called Linea Pelle online directly to see if they were going to restock the sold-out Piper Speedy in Sherry...the lady looked in their warehouse and found 1 left! So, I ordered it and got 10% off plus upgraded shipping!!!

    WHAT A GREAT SHOPPING DAY!!!! :yahoo::girlsigh:
  2. Congrats!!! What a deal! Post pics when you receive your bags : )

  3. LUCKY GIRL! I adore that bag in that very color! i've noticed it was sold out from like the moment it was on the LP site. PLEASE post some pics for us when it arrives!!! :heart::heart:
  4. WOW...what a great day you had......I'm totally jealous!
  5. BTW, I might want to add, customer service from both places was TOP NOTCH!!!!!! I would highly recommend!!!!!!!!!
  6. Woo Hoo!!! Isn't that the best high!!? Finding bags you love...and getting great deals on top of it....heaven!
  7. congrats!!!! post pics when they're here!