OMG what a crazy day yesturday was...the cheek of some people !

  1. So I thought I would tell you about what happened yesturday. I went to the cinema and theres this woman on her phone talking all the way through the movie and im like WTF! show some respect B***H !. So I dont say anything and then her children start running around and she is like blah blah blah on the phone. My friend told me to just leave it but I couldnt (Im a guy and didnt want to intimidate her but I had to say something) so I said to her "Hey Im trying to watch this movie, could you keep your kids quiet and shut the phone please"...she says "Well I paid to watch the movie too" and Im like "yeah so did I...WTF did you come in here for if you wanted to chat on your phone", then her child throws fanta on the floor and I said "What the hell". I was so annoyed and so P****d off. So I went to complain and she followed me saying to one of the staff that I had threatened her and I was so over this all that I just wanted to walk out but I didnt. I dont do Judo or any other martial art but I do like doin my moves...I did the odd Karate lesson when I was 6. Anyway her child is going on and on so I took my friends hand and pulled her out past the child and the child ended up on the floor...I just couldnt believe my luck, so I said sorry then stormed out and the child is crying. The woman said "Daddy is coming in the mercedes soon" so I walked out and 20mins later shes getting into a very small car and it was really tiny and horrible. I just couldnt believe the cheek of her and the way she was with me :Push: :cursing: makes me so angry !.
  2. Common courtesy is uncommon these days....
  3. i would have yelled.. gosh, that is so rude to do...
  4. I hate a**holes who talk on the phone in the theater, and even worse are noisy kids.
  5. arggh ditto :cursing:
  6. Poor you! I hate when people make noise, and you are trying to watch a movie! Shish, respect people!
  7. urgh people these days, they dont have any respect.. lucky my parents were very particular about manners and such when I was growing up (british wayss hah) urgh I would have done the same as you! Sorry about your ruined movie!
  8. WOW!! I am so sorry that happened to you! I tend to have bad experiences at the movies myself.

    LOL that is so funny how she was like "Daddy is coming in the Mercedes".

    Who talks like that, even if they really do drive a Mercedes?!?!
  9. Wow, the nerve of some people! No, let's not go to the MOVIE theatre to watch a movie, let's chat with our friends!

    I have to go, my bf is coming in the Porsche jk jk
  10. i would have screamed out "where's the Mercedes????"

    jeeze, i've never had anyone THAT rude in a movie theatre before, i'm surprised no one else said anything about that
  11. That's awful, Steve. It seems like everyone at a movie or a play thinks they are at home watching a video and are free to do or say whatever they want.

    Once we were in NYC for a Broadway show, and the couple behind us were chatting. The woman next to me turned around and really let them have it! And the miracle was that they stopped talking.
  12. I have NO PROBLEM reporting this case, it would be to the usher/management. And if that didn't work, I would demanded a refund.
  13. ugh I hate when parents cannot control their kids. It's one of my biggest pet peeves.
    & if someone was like that in the theater I would've yelled at them too.
  14. I'm glad you went to complain! I just don't get why people bother going to the cinema if they're going to make a noise/ talk on the phone the whole time. It's so rude. I went once and a group of about 10 kids got chucked out, it was very funny but I missed the best part of the film when they were shuffled out of their seats!
  15. omg that is so obnoxious

    i can't stand what this world has become