OMG! We're bag twins/triplets/......!

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  1. Always wanted to know who has the same bag as you? :love: (Stolen from the H forum)
    I was snooping around the H forum when I came across the thread "Find your twin!" and I thought this would be fun for the Chanel forum.

    So anyway, here's how it goes. I'll start first:

    Medium/Large Classic Flap in Black Caviar with Silver Hardware - herobscurity

    PST in Black Caviar with Silver Hardware - herobscurity

    Now it's your turn! :yahoo: Just add your username if you have the same bags as me! Or, just add your bag with your username (like what I did) and find out who else has the same bag as you!
  2. chanel olsen tote - seahorseinstripes

    original coco cabas in black caviar leather - seahorseinstripes

    vintage black jumbo classic in caviar leather - seahorseinstripes

  3. Medium/Large Classic Flap in Black Caviar with Silver Hardware - herobscurity, jellybeanz

    Small black Ultimate Soft - jellybeanz
  4. Nice idea! maybe also nice idea if a picture with the pf-er logo in it is added, so we can copy it and put our pic next to it? I think a lot of us would like the visuals...
  5. My turn, interestin thread:

    chanel olsen tote (black) - seahorseinstripes, celia_hish

    chanel 07 red caviar jumbo w bijoux chain - celia_hish

    chanel 07 black glazed MC large tote - celia_hish

    chanel purple caviar med/large flap - celia_hish

    chanel 05 black anniversary reissue 227 - celia_hish
  6. Union Jack Perforated flap - chanelbaby

    Fabric patchwork flap - chanelbaby

    Denim Cabas - chanelbaby

    Black lambskin baby classic - chanelbaby

    M White/Black Cambon Tote - chanelbaby

    Vintage Jumbo lambskin flap - chanelbaby
  7. baby coco cabas in blk. caviar leather - preciousp
    small melrose tote in dk. silver jersey material - preciousp
    baby coco cabas in khaki/bronze caviar leather - preciousp
    GST in blk. new washed calfskin - preciousp
  8. white caviar medium flap with silver hardware, fashionaddicted
    black lambskin small flap with silver hardware, fashionaddicted
  9. black chevron flap - jmen
    black medium classic w/gold hardware, classic chain - jmen
    black vintage with reissue chain but not a flap though - jmen
    black rubber jumbo classic with classic chain - jmen
    white caviar medium classic w/silver hardware, classic chain - jmen
    pink medium heart chain flap - jmen
    lipstick red e/w- jmen
    grey caviar e/w - jmen
    salmon e/w - jmen
    lt. beige e/w - jmen
    2005 anniversary 227 black - jmen; celia hish
    yellow hot dog purse (travel ligne) - jmen

    (Am I doing this right? Wait til Larkie chimes in, lol)
  10. Satin multi-color kaleiscope flap: kara_n
    Denim flap: kara_n
    Small "chocolate bar" quilt flap in peach: kara_n
    Medium black patent evening star flap: kara_n
    Ice cube clutch: kara_n
  11. baby coco cabas in blk. caviar leather - preciousp, cheapmommy
    Medium/Large Classic Flap in Black Caviar with Silver Hardware - herobscurity, jellybeanz, cheapmommy
    GST in Black Caviar with Gold Hardware - cheapmommy
    '07 Black metallic 227 reissue- cheapmommy
    Black lambskin sharpei flap - cheapmommy
    Black luxe bowler - cheapmommy
  12. Or regina...:roflmfao:
  13. original coco cabas blk caviar-memyselfi
    original coco cabas blk patent-memyselfi
    timeless caviar clutch blk-memyselfi
    timeless caviar clutch white-memyselfi
    deimin coco cabas xl- memyselfi
    rock and chain hobo blk-memyselfi
    mini perforated white flap-memyselfi
    cambon bowler blk/white cc-memyselfi
    cambon pink bucket/blk cc-memyselfi
    cambon messenger white/python cc-memyselfi
    cambon bucket brown/beige cc-memyselfi
    cambon multi pocket reporter (large) beige/blk cc-memyselfi
    cambon beige bowler/blk cc-memyselfi
    cambon pouchette white/blk cc-memyselfi
    blk jumbo caviar flap-memyselfi
    blk 227 metallic reissue-memyselfi
    blk patent jumbo flap-memyselfi
    green bubble quilt flap-memyselfi
    walk of fame large-coral-memyselfi
    melrose cabas style (gradient silver)-memyselfi
    graphic edge accordian (silver)-memyselfi
    wristlet/ankle bag (blk)-memyselfi
    brooklyn bag (cabas style)-memyselfi
    modern chain hobo-blk-memyselfi
    fuschia pink satin clutch-memyselfi
    blk medium flap gold hardware-memyselfi
    mini blk lambskin flap gold hardware-memyselfi
    chanel sport small messenger bag-memyselfi
  14. GST in Navy Caviar-lvusr1
  15. Black jumbo caviar flap-memyselfi, havanaheaven ;)
    Year'08 DS reissue in size 228 - havanaheaven