OMG we're BACK!!!

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  1. Wow, just between some homework and just before turning in, found out TPF is back! Now I can sleep easy... haha!

    I missed you all! How did everyone survive?!:nuts:
  2. I kept checking to see if TPF was up sooo many times. I hardly even used the computer because TPF and email are just about the only things I check! A little myspace and blogging, but majority is TPF lol!
  3. I have been checking day and night ... and was so lost without you all!
  4. it was torture, i tell you!! i missed catchin up on all the threads and i felt so lost since i also spend the majority of my online time on tPF. thank goodness we are back, i missed you all!
  5. It's nice to be back!
  6. I also was a bit 'lost' last two days. Unfortunately have to drive home now and turn in right away, early college in the morning... so I have to wait a bit to 'really' catch up here. But it's a relief it's at least possible know.. :smile:
    'night everybody, see you all later!!
  7. It's only in the last 24 hours that I realized just how addicted I am to this place LOL.
  8. Me too, I also kept checking to see if TPF was up every half an hour :p.
    Haha, but when TPF was still under maintenance, I could concentrate on reviewing more documents (so, it's an advantage of it). :wlae:
  9. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::woohoo::woohoo:

    Thanks Megs and Vlad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. HAHAHA i also kept checking back... like obsessively!
    but im glad it's finally back
  11. I kind of survived...barely...LOL
    It was driving me NUTSO!!!!!!!
    Glad to be back though, seriously.
    I missed everyone!!! :heart:
  12. it is nice to be back!
  13. Agreed...It was lonely without my fellow tpf'ers. Glad the site is back up!!:tup:
  14. Glad its up!!!!!!
  15. lol! i felt like a freakin' orphan without tPF!!! wandered sadly around the house................sooo glad its back! and happy to "see" everybody LOL