OMG~Wat a cutie! I found my Sky Blue Porte Monnaie...HOORAY~~

  1. Thanks for the help by a TPF member and I finally found her:nuts: :nuts:

    Isn't she lovely and it's a discontinued 05 sky blue Porte Monnaie (Mini Mini Coin Purse).....:wlae: :wlae:
  2. the pic isn't coming up
  3. Can't see! =(

  4. Oh my goodness~~I hope it works this time...let me know if it don't turn up....sigh
  5. SOrry abt the earlier pics that don't show up...hope this time works and i have to tried another method to post this again....:wtf: :wtf:
    KIF_1281.1.JPG KIF_1280.1.JPG KIF_1283.1.JPG
  6. LOVELY!! What a cutie!!
    I sooo want a mini as well!!
  7. WOW Celia ..... :nuts: isn't it's a cutie :drool: ?!! OMG .-... it's such a rare, beautiful mini coin - you lucky girl :yahoo: ! Congrats to this rare found - enjoy it :flowers: :love:
  8. Oooh, now I can see. Its so cuuuuuute!
  9. it's really cuteeeeeee
  10. Thanks Irene, u are a great help for this too!!! U are my star:yahoo: :yahoo:
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Very cute!!! :p
  13. :cutesy: cute :cutesy:

    Not see this style before....:heart: it
  14. Yah, it's a rare style since this has been discontinued.....:smile: :smile:
  15. Thanks to all for your kind words.....:dothewave: