OMG! Want This bag BUT Already Have ....

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  1. YES! Get it. :devil:
  2. :yahoo: always the voice of reason John- just have to explain to dh:wtf: :graucho: :crybaby:
  3. Hmmm... "One of my girlfriends got it for me and I let her use our credit card?" :lol:

    I'm kidding. :Push:
  4. Just tell him you're saving money in the long run.. right ? :graucho:
  5. You seems to love it so much that you sold your other bags. Get it!
  6. one reason is that "it is a good investment!"
  7. wow Everlong, are those your bags in the pic? I want them!!! lol

  8. Totally good investment! :shame: I am having hot flashes my credit card has gotten a LOT of DH was discussing that with me today...:hysteric: I have a job!:yes:

  9. This could work!:supacool:

  10. I DO want it- my bags are newly listed- hopefully get some of the money back.....=)
  11. :nuts: Hope you get it.:yes: Since you're listing your Coach bags to fund this bag I can't see why your DH will complain.:P
  12. Yes, you need it! it's beautiful! lol! If you are already listing 4 of your own bags to buy it, then you definitely need to get it!:yes: Good luck!:flowers:

  13. He IS complaining! He says I have to stop spending $, hmmmmm... I sent it to his e-mail addy, and told him to buy it for my bday and christmas present....:crybaby:
  14. I told him what you all said! He He He ...I am going to do it....Gaaa help me......:nuts:
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