OMG Vuitton I Phone Carrying Case's!!!!!

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    Yep they are making them and I think im gonna get an I Phone just to but the Croc version:drool::graucho: for $1,120 and the y are also making them in Epi, Taiga, and Monogram Canvas starting at $225 and will be available from July 16:nuts: I really hope they make the Croc version in Orange I would just die:lol:
  2. ^^^the iPhones are a month backordered. :cursing: So if you order an iphone do it quick!

    oh fantastic! Thx for posting this. the iphone is so simple, an LV case will spice it up!
  3. yeah, someone posted these earlier. i wonder if they're making them in black Suhali too :drool:
  4. wow... so nice~! but the croc abit pricey...
  5. OMG yay! Red epi, beautiful. Now I just need an iPhone....
  6. oops I didn't noticed:shame: but yeah white suhali would be hot:graucho:
  7. Oh wow! That's great :smile:
  8. I like them!!:drool:
  9. wow already!!! they are quick off the mark!!!xx
  10. Love that croc! May have to get one :smile: Thanks for posting this! So cool that they are out that fast.
  11. I read about this in another thread, I wonder if it will come in multicolor?
  12. Surely it fits other cell phones too?
  13. wow that would be hot a croc phone case!
  14. The same reason why I wanted PSP... Thanks for sharing!
  15. See, after playing with an iPhone for the first time yesterday, I determined that I really want it now and will wait until the fall to get it. Seeing this on the other hand, makes me want to get it NOW!! :wtf:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.