OMG Victoria Beckham

  1. Look at this !:yahoo:


    Ok I want the Bag, Dress and Shoes.
    This makes me want a Kelly BAD!!!!!:wlae:
  2. She's beautiful there! the bag is hot too :smile:
  3. That is a HOT ensemble.
    All of it.
  4. Wow...she looks very classy in this pic (unlike recent pics that have been on here). So put together!
  5. wowwww:nuts: she loooks hot and love dress color:yahoo:
  6. wow! hottah, hottah!
  7. I see her often with Hermès bags, I wonder why she didn't carry a croc Kelly this time ... instead just one of a similar design?
  8. and look at these!

    [​IMG]they are perfect couple:love:
  9. I think this pic was taken around the time when she was co-designing a necklace for Asprey to auction it off @ her World Cup party. Maybe that's why she carried an Asprey bag?
  10. She looks stunning!! Lady in red, indeed. I like her hair darker, though.

    I love that bag! Doesn't have to be Hermes to be fabulous, for me!
  11. i love those shoes in the pic where shes wearing the tartan school girl skirt, but its a little too much with that outfit... bit too trashy... theyd look nicer if she covered up a bit more... and apparently she took 60 pairs of sunglasses with her to Germany!! WHO OWNS 60 PAIRS OF SUNGLASSES?? i find it hard enough to find one pair that suits me perfectly
  12. smoking hot! Boy I would kill for those LEGS of hers. She looks amazing.
  13. nevr really liked her.. but she's hot there... love the dress :P
  14. She is perfection, how a celebrity should look- like a million bucks.

    I love her.
  15. Very pretty lady in red.:yes: