OMG Vernis Perle Trouville, Speedy and Ellipse

  1. I must be wrong, LV DID make a vernis speedy...take a look :nuts:

  2. Couldnt that be a Epi??
  3. hmmm, good it white epi ? :confused1: :smile:
  4. Maybe it was a special order?
    The Beverly Hills store had a couple Rivera's that were special order and made out of Vernis.
    Stunning I must say :nuts:
  5. looks like Epi leather?
    Wow they r new lines? love them!!!
  6. which store is that? so many miniatures!! @.@
  7. Lots of members asked there SA's about a special order vernis speedy but it was a no no. There was a rumour that there was one made only for Japan but the pics showed that the bag had suede lining and neo speedy zip...which LV wouldnt change. I dont have a clue what these are in this pic
  8. There in fact was a vernis Speedy.
    It was available as a special order in Japan only.
  9. ^ There are some disagreements with that. Some people are saying it's not true.

    to the OP, where was this picture taken?
  10. Hi, I found the pic in another thread, it is taken inside an LV store. You are right...there were some disagreements that the speedy vernis was never made. A member from Japan even said that this is not true. The picture posted of the Vernis speedy rumoured to be made in japan only was all wrong comapared to real vernis. IMO it was never made...sorry to say. I wish it was true :sad:
  11. Yeah I posted that link last night that another member posted from a catalog that showed that Japan DID in fact have some exclusive white Vernis pieces.
    As for the bags in the picture, I believe they're the all vachetta ones like this:
  12. can you post a pic please, thanks :flowers:
  13. Wow, that vachetta bag is simply gorgeous! (I'd be way too scared to carry it though).
  14. I added the all-vachetta ellipse picture to my previous post but here was the post from yesterday about the vernis pieces:
  15. these are beautiful thankyou :flowers: . I only wish a speedy many members would be happy.