OMG UK Celebrity BIG BROTHER !!!!!!!!!!!!


Aug 9, 2006

Celebrity Big Brother 6 started in the UK last night. Has anyone in the UK or any where else been watching it. I love it, I allways watch it.

Celebrities in the house this season include:

  • Leo Sayer
  • Shilpa Shetty
  • Carole Malone
  • Cleo Rocos
  • Donny Tourette
  • Danielle Lloyd
  • Ken Russell
  • jermaine Jackson
  • Jo O'Meara
  • Dirk Benedict
  • Ian Watkins
Twists !!!
This year ex "normal" Big Brother star Jade Goody and her family will be moving in a secret house next door as a neighbour to the other housemates. Jade has become a multi millionaire and well known celebrity since leaving the big brother house 4 years ago.

Jades mum who is an ex alcholic and drug user will also be moving in with Jade and her family. On friday night Jade and her family will adopt a celebrity housemate to move in with them in the secret house.

OMG I cant wait ! :nuts: :smile:
I'm watching it too! It's ok I guess but I haven't really got into it yet, probably because I haven't heard of half the people in there, and the other half are so 'Z' list that they're not really worth watching. Jade Goody & Co might make things a bit more interesting. I felt bad for Leo last night having to share a bed with the naked Donny. Ugly Betty Starts tonight in the UK after Big Bro, so I'm very excited about that :yahoo:
I was watching it open mouthed last night, as Donny littered every other word with the F word :wtf: what a complete oik, he just made himself look so sad. And then went and vomitted everywhere, hardly very rock and roll that he cant even hold his drink lol ;)

should make for some very entertaining viewing though! :biggrin: