OMG...Ugh...I just...I'm just so...UGH!!!!!

  1. I read a magazine called "Craft" and today I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up the latest issue. Well, as I was flipping through it something caught my eye. I read a bit about the item, looked at the picture of it, and got queasy. I mean, I felt dizzy, like I was gonna pass out! Even now typing about it, I really want to cry, my fingertips are all tingly, and I have to keep stopping to put my head down and rest...the thought, the's just so...AWFUL. Blood ALWAYS does this to does IVs, needles, etc. So it's no surprise that I feel this way. I wonder if anyone else is as repulsed by this as I am:

    OMG, WHY? I couldn't even finish looking through the magazine, and I certainly didn't buy it! I felt so sick that I had to leave the store!!!! Even now, thinking about it, I feel as if I need to get horizontal. Rest for a moment...needless to say I can't stop thinking about it. I feel like passing out...
  2. omg that is sick i just read the first two lines and i couldnt read the rest :yucky:
  3. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  4. i don't normally have problem when i see blood, needles, etc...but using it as a fashion piece (like this scarf) just makes me feel sick.:yucky:
  5. I'm not even going to click on the link...I'm such a wimp about things like that...especially after reading the comments posted!
  6. That is disgusting!!
  7. That's just silly. Someone needs to tell this designer that just because something is different -- doesn't mean it has artistic value.
  8. I swear it, that thing makes me want to cry. And it takes a LOT to make me cry!
  9. oh my dear goodness....
    at first i was SO confused because it seemed so.... disturbing and i thought to myself omg no i must have misunderstood...
    but no...
    this is just WRONG!
  10. that is just sick! Initially, I had no idea, watsoever, what can possibly make you react this way, but now I know. The idea itself is just beyond wrong.

    sick. sick. sick.
  11. there is something that is strangely fascinating to me about that. I keep thinking if you bought it and you used it, wouldn't too much of your blood be out of your body? I can't imagine it's a thing that is really for sale to the open market. I almost passed out giving blood so I don't think I could wear it.
  12. I pass out almost every time they take my blood, too...
  13. I was a little slow at first when seeing this...I actually read it and then looked again and....ewwww :sad: so nasty.
  14. Disgusting. :tdown: Is it supposed to be art?
  15. I'm still left with the question...why? What would trigger someones mind to go, "hey wouldn't it be awesome to make a scarf and color it with blood?" Weirdo!!!