OMG U Wont Believe What Happened..!!

May 7, 2007
Okay guys this is all for fun's...
Can You Speak This Language??!

So I just got back from the mall and here's what happened..

So I got to the mall and was like where should I shop.. I was deciding between MJ, LV, and BG.. LV was the one because they had the NWT MC bag that was TDF, well that's JMO.. So I went into LV with my SO.. and then the SA said to my SO "Is that a fake LV youre carying" My SO was like WTF.. And then my SO slapped the SA with her bag, LMAO... IMO I dont balme her.. KWIM!! My MIL would have done the same thing.. But I knew we were sofa king banned from there.. So my SO was like forget it, I'm shopping at the SFA site... ITA

Just to let u know the OP lied about everything.. LOL <----LOL
KWIM...... This what happens when u spend too much time on the forum.... JMO:P


haha no.
Aug 2, 2007
I was confused, only because i understood every abbreviation the first time 'round. haha. I didn't know what 'language' there was in the post to be misconstrued...just a sign i'm on the internet too much!


fall is here yay!!
Mar 23, 2008
LA the state
I understood everything and was like WTF does something like that really happen lol then I saw that it was made up and started ROFLMAO hahahahaha. WOW I spend way to much time on the internet.