Omg Trenino Came!

  1. :nuts::yahoo:
    I finally got a trenino FORESTA! I have been looking for one for sooo long.
    I didn't buy it at a discount like some of you lucky ladies who bought it from some other stores but I had to have this :heart:

    I am sooo happy!! It's more gorgeous than I though. Even though bf was like :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: but hey I make my own money too:okay:
    sorry if the pics aren't great I was too excited
    toki1.jpg toki2.jpg
  2. aww congrats i just got a citta trenino! love it!
  3. yay! another Foresta trenino :smile: i :heart: mine!!! i haven't used it yet but i can't wait! CONGRATS!
  4. congrats pinkbunny! The trenino club keeps growing!! :smile:
  5. oh that's so cute!
  6. cute trenino! congratz :tup:
  7. Yay!! Another trenino!! :yahoo: Your placement is gorgeous :love: But no water scene? Personally, I love the water scene (as well as the trees!!)
  8. I love it...perfect placement! Congrats!