OMG TONS of Bal's for BIN's between 500-900!! GO!!

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  1. :love:
  2. someone buy that griege before I do. PLEASE I DON'T NEED MORE BAGS!!!
  3. bahaha, I hit the buy it now and someone had.
  4. I know ... my eyes just about popped outta my head when I saw that ...

    Oh... I see he actually had a Rouge Vif Hobo at one point that was already BIN'd ... WOW!
  5. you think these are real???
  6. I'm in heaven! :love: :love: I've been looking for a well priced, neutral courier for a long time, and was in negotiations today with someone to buy their's for $750, and they were pushing for $850. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I will now be the proud owner of not one, but TWO couriers!! Believe it or not, I bought one of them for The Man. I hope he hates it!!! :nuts:
  7. We'll find out when mine arrive :graucho:
  8. ^ oh yeah!! It was only 520!!!!!!
    Rocksteady got it.
  9. Your wish is my command :sweatdrop:
  10. Deco!! Thank you for saving me!! My PHH would have flipped if I bought another one!
  11. Yeah, they sure look real. Location is Italy ... I know of at least one other seller who sells authentic Balenciagas for such a low price whose source is Italy. I guess maybe there are boutiques there that dump their non-selling stock occasionally? All just speculation on my part.
  12. The seller had a rouge vif day up for $520 and I almost snatched it up, but freaked out after realizing that he's using UPS to ship internationally. Knowing my luck, I'd probably get stuck with custom fees!
  13. I don't know, it seems to be too good to be true. Who in thier right mind would sell brand new bags for that low of a price.

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