OMG tokidoki dog tags!

  1. I just checked out Azaleas and they have the skate deck prints on necklace dog tags! I love em! I got two of them. :yahoo: They must be new the first time I've seen em! Tried the grechen15 code though and it said it had expired. :crybaby: Well, at least they ship for free and no sales tax for me.
  2. That really stinks the grechen code expired . :shocked:
    The skate print neclaces have been around for a long time but they are just becoming available online here lately.
    Congrats on your purchase. :biggrin:
  3. That does stink that the code expired. I ordered a pirata caramella from azalea on thursday (used the coupon code) and i got it yesterday w/free cool is that??? I had to pay tax b/c they're in CA but it was still cheaper than anywhere else and it's adorable!!! :yahoo: Not blurry and the zipper works!!
  4. That was super quick shipping . I keep going to azalea and adding the pirate caramella to my cart and then I'm like nah shouldn't spend the money right now.
  5. It was super fast, right...I mean they're in SF, so they're practically around the corner but that was GRRRRREAT!! OMG...Do you know how many times I've added it to my cart and then just closed my computer b/c I thought the same thing...I did it about 3 different times. Then I finally just said I HAVE to do it...and I'm glad I did b/c I got the discount and now my mom wants one, so I'm giving it to her for her birthday....if the coupon code was still good I'd get another!! :love: You don't have to pay tax though, so that's an incentive!!! :shrugs:
  6. hehe im glad you got a fully functional non blurry bag!! :love: I want a caramella, but im afraid i wont use it!!
  7. darn..the discount dont work?? i was thinking picking up those necklaces...:biggrin:
  8. The dog tags sound so cute.
  9. we need to find a new code.:hysteric:
  10. azalea code for 10% off to try . It worked for me.
    AF47X4 10% is better than nothing.
  11. AWWH, Ilovetokidoki where were you yesterday when I needed that new code! :crybaby: oH, well!
  12. did you buy the caramella????
  13. Thanks...too bad I have to give it as a gift...:crybaby:
    I thought I'd never use mine either when I first got it but turns out it's one of the best purchases I made!! I :heart: it!! You should try'll be hooked!
  14. I don't know must have been . :sleepy: :lol:
  15. Didn't you use the code grechen10 ??????? Don't tell me you didnt' use any code?? I posted the grechen code in another thread!! :confused1: