I saw...

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  1. So, I was sitting on a bench at the Westfield Shopping Center in my area waiting for my boys when I saw this gorgeous Japanese woman walk into the store with this bag. It's beautiful IRL. Of course I had to compliment her, she says it's really heavy then handed it to me. IT WEIGHS A TON!!! And she showed me the interior and all she had was a wallet, cell phone and small make-up bag. She also let me take a
  2. All I see is a red X :huh:
  3. red X
  4. Sorry, darn cell phones... Hope it works now.
  5. No I can see it !
    It's the bag with the Buttons!
  6. wow!! it's big!! but a sighting! yay! :smile:
  7. I saw the seems a nice bag (if no buttons, I will like it more)
  8. Now I see it!
  9. looks familiar.. is that the westfield in arcadia?? :p
  10. YES!
  11. I know! My boys thought I was nuts, but I was sooo excited to see someone have an extraordinary piece! I also saw lots of speedies.
  12. I love the bag, but won't be getting one if it weights a ton. :p Thanks for sharing the picture.
  13. wow...I haven't seen in on the street. I've seen in the store..That bag is huge..
  14. Cool! That was nice of her to show it to you and let you take a pic!
  15. I saw that one at Valley Fair, thankfully, it didn't appeal to