OMG this website!!!

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  1. They're selling HEAPS of super-fakes:rant: of tons of different designers, and the worst part is they keep up with everything sooo fast they even have fake marelle mm's:censor:.

    Not happy Jan.

  2. Oh my :sick:

    That is so sad :cry:
  3. At least they don't say they sell the real thing...

    Disgusting though.
  4. Thet do look WOW!!! You are right...OMG!!!
  5. yeah its sad when i look at somthing like that (I admit im tempted) but if i did buy it i would be just as bad as everyone else that buys fakes plus im planning on breaking into the fashion industry and i dont want to think that i was part of the problem when i was younger and i would feel like a hypocrite carrying it, no to mention all the child labour and terrorisim stuff involved as well so i proudly say NO THANKS!
  6. It's not even about buying something that looks "just like" the real thing. I could care less how high their replicas appear to look, because NOTHING can compare to owning a true and genuine real piece of luxury.
  7. how can this be legal?! It sure isn't?
  8. It sure isn't!

    And it stinks.....:yucky: :sick: :shocked:
  9. OMG-I can't believe how many things they have and the Cerises Speedy...I've been looking at them lately on eBay (and I am absolutely not buying anything from eBay) and reading about them on here and that looks like a damn good copy. Ugh, it's discouraging.
  10. Those are really really good knock offs. But verrrrry disgusting I would never buy one. EWWW
  11. Ditto!
  12. Can you post this in the list of people that sell fakes please?
    It will be a great addition!
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