OMG this never stops!! Too many flaps

  1. So I had an SA ship me the black metallic reissue just to "see" and take a look if i like it. I charged it on my credit card and she sent it. I never intended in keeping it......until i got it.

    I really like it. :heart: Its got a different look than my black caviar jumbo w/ silver hardware.

    I'm also waiting on the black w/ gold anniversary reissue...
    I orginally thought it would be too close to this metallic black one but I'm not so sure.

    GAH!! This madness has got to stop. I don't need anymore bags:cursing:

    Soooooo do you all think that its too close to have a black metallic 227 if i already have a black jumbo and a black/gold reissue?? Say yes, say yes, say yes!! Talk me out of it.:roflmfao:
  2. I've never seen the black anniversay reissue, but the metallic black is absolutely TDF. :drool:
  3. ummmmmmmmmmmmm....
    i guess if you already have a jumbo black caviar w/ silver hardware, you don't really need the black metallic reissue. I'd choose one or the other in that case. Black/gold reissue is gorgeous.
  4. LOL, I do this all the time with my totes! It's always so easy to make up excuses about how they're all SO different when many are really so alike. My Mom will say "But you already have a black bag that looks like that..." and I'll be like, "No, but see the chain - how it's woven into the bag but it's not on the other bags!" LOL!!

    Enjoy your new reissue!!!
  5. oooooh! I thought we were 'takin a break'??

    I have the same 3 bags and I consider them different. So Chanel Enabler that I am, keep the bag if you can afford it! If not, send one of them back.
  6. I have the anniversay black reissue gold HW in 225, the metallic black in 227, since the size is so diifferent, I am keeping both...but if both were to be 227, I'll choose the anniversary black..

    And NOW.... i am still thinking if I should go for the black caviar Jumbo in silver HW.... see who needs help here? haha...
  7. honestly i like the anniversary reissue more because of the gold hardware. But the metallic black is also beautiful. O sorry, I am of no help to you:graucho:
  8. i would keep the metallic black. it really does have a different look to it than the black jumbo.

  9. can you pls post a pic of your anniversay black reissue gold HW in 225. TIA:smile:
  10. The anniversary and metallic black are beautiful.
  11. I love both the anniversary black and the metallic black.
  12. You're on the Chanel treadmill now, and it never stops!:devil:

  13. You are so right. LOL

    "see the chain, its different..." LOL

    You sound like me talking to my fiancee. :roflmfao:

  14. I know! I shouldnt have ever let them send it to me. :sweatdrop:

    I really DO need to send one of them back....can't decide which....otherweise one of my other bags is on the chopping block. Something has to go:push: