OMG!! This little BOW case is so cute!!!

  1. I love it!! Perfect for cell phone, lip gloss....I would keep it inside a larger bag to keep stuff could even keep extra cc's/gift cards etc...I am an accessory freak!!! :shame:
  2. Very cute! I'm an accessory freak, too, Emmy! I have a wristlet collection for inside my bags and this is a real cutie. I saw a similar style in Saks and at Prada, a little bigger but more flat in nylon.
  3. Emmy... That it toooooooooootally cute!! That's a smaller version of the Prada hand clutch I got around Christmas. Soooooooo adorable!!! Are you going to buy it?? :nuts:
  4. that's adorable!
  5. Its adorable! I haven't seen it at the stores though...
  6. Very cute!
  7. i love it, it is very cute!
  8. That is very cute -- love the clip on it too. There are two leather ones in the degrade without a bow at Barney's right now on sale for just a bit more than that.
  9. Oh gosh that IS really cute!!
  10. That is SO adorable!
  11. EMMY!!!
    Stop showing me the cutest stuff!!!!!!!!!ROFL!!!!

    I gotta chill on the spending!!hehe...!!!!!
  12. ^ Shoot Jill I was hoping you'd get it first lol!!!!..and Couture2387: I haven't seen it either...I would much rather give an SA the sale than order from here...if anyone sees this baby let me know!!!!!!!!!!!! I just think it's so cute!!!!
  13. Oh lordy, it is cute. I saw the bow wristlet in real life, didn't like but thought I would. This is so much cuter.

    Hey if that's you in the picture Emmy, you sure are a pretty girl!!!!
  14. OH MY GOD that is totally precious! Yeah I also saw the bow wristlet from Saks and I didn't love it as much, this is totally cute, with the added hook it would make for an interesting little alternate key case... maybe... I would have to figure that out before I attempt to order it

    Does anyone ever have trouble ordering with raffaello? Oh shoot, shipping is so expensive :{
  15. Hey if that's you in the picture Emmy, you sure are a pretty girl!!!![/quote]

    ^ LMAO girl!! Thanx for the compliment...I was LOADED in that pic :shame:...We took our boat last summer to Toronto...On the way we stopped at Coubourg..This pic was taken at a restaurant that used to be the old jailhouse!!! You could tour downstairs..the original jail cells are there and everything...WICKED cool!!!! So yeah that's me half BOMBED standing in front of the line up board....It was the dead of summer so I'm really tan in that pic...eek..white as a ghost now:upsidedown:

    I'm seriously wanting this little dink :love:....I wish Neimans/Saks had it...keep your eyes out ladies!!! I'd at least like to get points or something for the purchase!!!!