OMG, this is the saddest speedy ever!

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  1. :wtf:My friend Pasqual is Hungarian but he lives in Japan. He's hilarious and really really careless. He got himself a brand new speedy 35 but apparently couldn't stand it looking so white so he decided to get patina ASAP. Instead of just putting it in the window, he put Self-Tanning Lotion on it! :wtf: He than hairdried it but it didn't work very well, so he died it with some kind of brown oil! :confused1: , which just made it greasy and smelly. Now, wait for it, his next step was to IRON (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the vachetta! :wtf::wtf::wtf: But not lightly, he placed the iron on the little tag and pressed it till it began smelling like burnt meat! It was so disgusting that he left the room but it attracted his dog, that chewed the tag! :nogood: Which pretty much destroyed it. It layed in his closet for a month till he gave it to me. I don't even know what to do with it. The condition of vachetta is appalling and the bag smells faul. I wanted a vintage speedy for a while but it's just soo bad.
    DSC03436.JPG DSC03439.JPG DSC03440.JPG
  2. :crybaby: poor speedy..
  3. lmao! poor thing! :sad:

    but still, hil-LARIOUS!
  4. :wtf: Not sure if you can help speedy, maybe see if LV can replace the vachetta?
  5. :wtf::wtf::wtf:
    I can't get over what he did to it!
  6. Next time your friend needs something aged, tell him to tie it to the back of his car and drag it at 80mph. I'm sure that would work better.
  7. At first when I read your story, I thought it was a joke. I can't imagine anyone spending $$ on a Vuitton only to treat it like that!! You could take the speedy to the store and have them change out the handles for you and see what other suggestions they have. I'm sure they will find this story as interesting as I have...
  8. just have the leather replaced.
  9. I'm sure they'd be like, What on Earth has happend to it??! Plus, it'll probably be really expensive and I'll have to bear the cost. The canvas is too really weird, all oily and shinyk, I tried getting the tanning lotion out with baby wipes but it absorbed too well. I thini I'm gonna wait till the natural patina sets in and air out the poor bag and MAYBE it would look a bit healthier.
  10. Lol, poor speedy! Get the vachetta replaced and start over!
  11. Haha, I know! :okay: He bought 1200$ pair of dior pants and tried altering it with a pair of scissors :wtf: The effect was very very similiar - death and destruction of designer item.
  12. Hmm, maybe try baby wipes first? If it doesn't work, get all the leather replaced but it would cost around $300+.
  13. O M G. are you serious. thats horrible.
  14. Well, maybe not then since even the canvas is affect. :push: Poor bag... :sweatdrop:
  15. Whoa he must not care about his things!