Omg this is so exciting

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  1. I just have to say again how THRILLED I am that this forum is up and running - MANY THANKS again to Vlad and Megs - you guys are the best!!

    Let's get this forum rolling ladies - we've wanted it for so long now, now let's make it FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Yay!
  3. =) I was so happy to find the subforum for MK today!!
  4. I was away for a day and lookie what happened! FANTASTIQUE! :smile:!
  5. I was away too and I am THRILLED!!!! Thanks SO much Megs and Vlad!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Congratulations guys!! I was just scrolling through the general purse discussion forum and thought "heh, where's all the MK threads gone?" and voila - your own subforum!
    Hope it flourishes and grows.
  7. today is my bday...what a great way to celebrate; a new sub-forum! yay for us! i went to the mk store today and found two bags that i love...calista satchel and sutton satchel...can't decide (although the calista is on sale to 199...)...arrgghh...decisions, decisions!!!
  8. I only discovered this forum a few weeks ago, and I noticed right away that there was no Michael Kors sub-forum. So I'm very excited about it and I'm lucky that I didn't have to wait as long as everybody else that has used these forums for a long time! :biggrin:
  9. Hooray!! I've been away for a week and just noticed the new MK forum. Thanks Vlad and Megs.
  10. I was just wondering where all the MK threads went on the Handbags forum and thought...hmmm...I wonder if he finally has his own forum, so I came here to look and lo and behold, here it is! Congrats to all the MK fans!
  11. Glad to see MK in the forum. Love MK. Thanks guys for making it happen. :biggrin:
  12. Whoo hoo! MK got it's own sub-forum, I don't know how I missed this until today.
    MK's my new love, I'll have to post some pics of my babies this weekend.

    Thanks Vlad and Megs!!!
  13. Rapidly falling in love with MK bags! So happy we have this forum!