OMG! This is SO cute!

  1. wow adorable.... love the lining
  2. They had a few at the outlet (WC, NY) in either Nov. or Jan. (or both) Only L and XL, but priced great!

    Good deal if that is your size.
  3. Oh that is really cute! :drool:
  4. That is ADORABLE!!!!!! I LOVE it!
  5. I'd have to lose a size before I could fit into it. :crybaby:
  6. Man.. I need to lose 2 sizes... LOL
  7. There's another one listed but it's a size 6. Don't think I'll EVER be a size 6 :hysteric:
  8. Awwww :flowers:

    OH, size 6??? hmmmmmmmmmm ::goes to search::---- rightttttttttt paying close to retail on evil bay, ETA was looking at the wrong one- well not wrong, just different had signature white pink trim.

    (I didn't mean to insult ya- just can't see through the computer, hehe)
  9. I used to be:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby: A million sizes later:cursing:............

    You know it's funny....I never think to look at Coach clothing....and its so gorgeous! Great, more temptations!! LOL!
  10. I love the lining.
  11. That is reeealllly cute! And with your love of pink, it would be a great find!

    ...and on the size thing...sometimes they'll run differently, so one never knows...and I'm pulling for you, I saw on your other posts that you're working on can do it! I was a size 20 this time last year, and now I'm an 8/10. Believe me, I would have laughed in the face of anyone who told me that would happen - I hovered around a 14 for years, and then gained more during a relo/unhappy times/etc. Stress will do that to ya!

    The most important thing is, you're a beautiful person inside AND out, with awesome taste! Hope you have a great weekend with DH and your kiddos, and that he's feeling much better!
  12. I have the navy walking coat from last spring. The shoulders are snug in these, so they are pretty much tts. I think Coach carries them up to a size 16. That's what the sa told me when I went in a couple weeks ago looking at the pond ones they have now. Also, they are cheaper this year than last year. I think I bought mine for $498. They are $398 this year.
  13. My friend scored one of these on eBay NWT for $76.00. Word to the wise though... hers ran small... it was a size 4 and I was uncomfortable in it and I usually wear a 4 or 2. (in COACH sizes- I wear a medium for winter coat and I bought a coach trench in a size 8)

    When she got it it had a TJ Maxx tag on it for $75.00.

    She is currently on a search for the perfect pink spring tote to go with it!
  14. Thank you :shame: