OMG this is so Cute! Ive never seen it before though...

  1. That's a REALLY good price! Hope someone here gets it!!!
  2. I love it:yahoo:
  3. :devil: :devil: It would look good in your collection.
  4. Aww I want it..too bad it wasn't a wallet or something though lol..I don't need another agenda.
  5. Cute and real :smile:
  6. ^yes, really cute and real.
  7. ok for some reason that panda scares me!
  8. I love the panda! Too bad I torture my agendas....I buy the cheapo ones from the campus bookstore LOL
  9. cute, real and cheap..
  10. Super cute and I am so tempted but I don't even use the groom agenda I already have.
  11. I WISH....i cant savin up for my speedy!
  12. Woohooo! I just bought it! :yahoo: I think the Panda is just too cute....might end up giving it to my dd! Figure it was too cheap to pass up!
  13. It is cute.
  14. omg luv my bags! congrats! :smile: