OMG! This is ridiculous....

  1. Teen Allegedly Drops Newborn In Denny's Trash

    Indiana Tourist, 17, Held For Questioning

    (CBS) ANAHEIM, Calif. A customer at an Anaheim Denny's discovered a full-term newborn girl in the restaurant's bathroom on Monday. Police interviewed a 17-year-old girl from Indiana they believe is the baby's mother.

    A call for "medical aid" went out from the restaurant, which is located at 1168 W. Katella Ave. around noon. The woman who found the baby was instructed by a dispatcher to take the baby out of the trash and ensure she was breathing, according to Anaheim police Sgt. Rick Martinez.

    Paramedics came to the restaurant, which is near Disneyland, and transported the newborn to Western Medical Center in Anaheim, where she is listed in good condition, Martinez said.

    Authorities determined the baby was newborn and healthy, Martinez said.

    The customer said she noticed blood on the bathroom floor and movement in the trash can before discovering the baby, Martinez said.

    When police arrived at the Denny's, they noticed a 17-year-old girl standing outside the restaurant with a tourist group from Indiana who was visiting Disneyland and stopped at the restaurant for lunch, Martinez said.

    Though the teen denied giving birth, police had her examined at Western Medical Center, the sergeant said.

    "We believe she gave birth and put the baby in the trash can and left the restaurant," Martinez said.

    Police questioned the teen and members of her party, the sergeant said. She may face criminal charges.

    I live like 5 minutes away from this Denny's! I can't even believe this! Apparently, her mom never even knew she was pregnant...afterwards she just walked out of the Denny's like nothing and had a sweater tied around her waste...later they noticed her legs and shoes were soaking wet.
  2. Thank goodness someone found the baby in good condition!
  3. When I was fifteen, there were a lot of stories like this. So much so that my dad looked at me and said something to the extent of if I ever accidentally got pregnant, he just wanted me to know that I could always come home.

    At the time, I found it a bit odd that he said that, but looking back on it, I really appreciated that he said that. I even said that to him during one of our recent phone conversations.

    The problem is, girls like that one don't have parents who say what my father said to them and parents should say things like that.