OMG....This is not cool at all....

  1. Did any of you see the Marc Jacob's Trish leather duffle bag....It looks just like the LV stephan....

    This is aweful really.......this is a total conflict of interest....:cursing:

    I will try and post pics....I have it in the new Barneys catalogue...Page 13
  2. Wat???? OMG and I thought how the blacke or w.e it's called looked like the manhattan was ludicrous, now this? I guess he's just a one trick pony.
  3. OMG that is awful. Especially considering the Stephen was the last bag Stephen Sprouse designed for LV bhefore he died. MJ didn't even design it!!
  4. ^^^

    Taco, Marc Designed the Stephen bag in honor of Stephen, but Stephen didn't design it himself, he's more of a pop artist..

    yeah...he does that ALOT there was the Perforated Bridget/ Perfo Speedy and an Onatah Looking bag...and the newest bags from his Spring collections slightly mirror the Louis Vuitton Spring line..I don'r know why he does it....but to be honest it's a little annoying since he's such a great designer..
  5. you mean this??
    IMO it's not that similar but it does have the general Speedy/ Stephen shape, shoulder straps, and pleat in the middle...

  6. here are the pics for comparison....I really think this is unacceptable...Here we are paying thousands for an LV bag cuz we believe it is unique and one of a kind....and he is making the same bags....but cheaper for his collection.....
    IMG_1577.jpg p11297487_ph_hero.jpg

  7. Of course it does look similar....this really p*&^% me off...:cursing: :cursing:
  8. Yea it's kinda dumbe, but it doesnt look too much the same, and I dont really care that much of it did, but The MJ collections is sometimes more expensive then LV, I dunno about this particular bag tho.
  9. Hmmm, nearly the same size, same shape, same strap - it sure looks very similar. All thats missing is the LV canvas.:wtf:
    I've seen other stuff of his that looks like LV. I'm surprised this is allowed when you think of the fortune he would be getting to design for LV???
  10. see thats what I mean. I am really surprised that LV would even allow this...
  11. I like the bag though but it will never be an LV.
  12. I don´t think they look the same at all.. The shape maybe, nothing else.
  13. I just looked at some of Marc Jacob's other stuff on eluxury and discovered the hardware on his zip clutch (and others) is close to the koala hardware. :wtf:
  14. Weird!!!
  15. Does anybody have a pic of that bag? I keep hearing about it, but never have seen that style so far :shrugs:

    About the Trish: Yes, it looks similar, but to be honest, I like it better than the Stephen bag :shame: