OMG this is horrible! Puppy Mill selling puppies on eBay!

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  1. :crybaby:
  2. Im disgusted that this is still on :sad:
  3. This is appalling. The puppies look so there's no life in their eyes. Some even look sick or drugged. I don't understand how anyone can see these pics and want to put money into the hands of the people who are behind this :cursing:
  4. Thanks for the link, Hello! I've reported them too.
  5. Hello,
    I've been lurking for a while but this has brought me out of my lurking! Does anyone have the email contact for Ebay so I can write them and express my TOTAL OUTRAGE?
  6. Ahh, nevermind...I see the link already posted. Thanks!
  7. Awful. :sad:

    I've written to eBay via the Peta Action center link and I've reported some of the auctions.

    BTW, did you also know that there are horrible traps and trapping supplies on the US eBay site? Is that allowed? :shrugs:
  8. That is horrible poor puppys.
  9. I live just outside London, a 15 minutes drive from Richmond where i think is the U.K. ebay head office (if anybody can confirm that i would be grateful) i will be going there tomorrow to complain - they make me sick is there nothing ebay will not sell to make money, where will it stop!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Rosie that would be super!!!!!
  11. rosie that is great, yeah that is where the head office is, I looked on google. It just makes me wonder, what will these people be selling next...babies ?:crybaby:
  12. Ebay is a privately owned company, so they can usually impose rules as they see fit, irregardless of which country is using their services. This is OUTRAGEOUS. Ebay doesn't allow the solicitation of animals at all, and haven't in the past. UNLESS they signed an agreement that gives China the control to govern it's sales, then it's the US ebay international group that has allowed this. If china refused to comply then they shouldn't be allowed to use Ebay. We need to report and complain and the media needs to get ahold of this.
  13. OMgoshhh!!!!!!!!! Those puppies are too precious to be cage and treated so poorly...

    sigh... I hope something will be done soon!