OMG this is horrible! Puppy Mill selling puppies on eBay!

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  1. omg wow! Thats really f'ed up!! *some of those puppies are soo cute, and they have those poor eyes, that are like "someone help me!"

    Someone help them!!
  2. How is this allowed?!?!

    I tried to report it, but I don't speak/read Chinese so I can't figure out what button to push!! :sad:

    Those poor little things!
  3. Do you mean illegal according to eBay policies or illegal in China? It is definitely not illegal in China to sell puppies from any source – people even eat dogs in China, Taiwan, HK and Korea, so it is no big deal selling puppies.

    The auction does state that the seller is a puppy farm, breeding over 40 dog breeds. I really don't think it is illegal in China at all, so reporting it won't make any difference.
  4. omg I totally do not agree with this, its really upset me. I need to save one, do they ship abroad, that dog is crying out for help. If someone doesnt buy them then what will happen ?...death ?
  5. It's legal in the states as well to breed dogs for source of profit only. I'm speaking in selling on eBay sense. It's against eBay policy due to the possibility of a group who uses animals for experiments and tests, could buy them.
  6. I wonder if eBay China has different polices? Perhaps they do, for all we know – my Chinese is too rusty to try and read the fine print. Just trying to figure the auctions has given me a headache.
  7. It's not uncommon in China to sell live animals. It was made illegal on eBay in the US. I don't think it applies to eBay China since they own their website.
    I could be wrong.:shrugs:
  8. THATS one of the most horrible things I have ever seen on ebay! Its bad enough they are used as the dinnertime meal, but many asian countries also sell them for their FUR! DISGUSTING.

    I reported it to ebay too.
  9. I encourage EVERYONE to jam ebays phones tomorrow to report and complain about this auction and others like it.:cursing:
  10. FYI, in this country there are a LOT of puppymills who have set up websites that make them look like legitamate, reputable breeders:sad:
  11. I seriously feel sick to my stomach over this.
  12. why do those cute little huskies look so mean?
  13. This is absurd and just horrible...regardless of the country this should not be allowed. I managed to report a few of the auctions however I'm not sure what the policies are for China.