OMG this is cute

  1. I cant wait to see the rest of the collection when it comes out.
  2. ooh its adorable! :biggrin: hehe
  3. Me either!
  4. Yep..that's groom line..can't wait !!!
  5. ooooo is this a new collection, what other items will be coming in this style ? :smile:
  6. Cles, PTI,Zipped wallet, compact wallet,small agenda..That's all that I can remember..the one in the pic cost around $280 or $240..Arghh I can't remember but I am in the waiting list..


    some new collections:

    Yahoo!¥·¥ç¥Ã¥Ô¥ó¥° - ¿·¾¦ÉʾðÊó
  7. I love it! :love: it's so cute. It will be $290. I can't wait but October is soo far!:rant:
  8. I like it too. It is cute as it gets
  9. Hmm...I reserve my opinion on this line until I see it irl.
    I wasn't too fond of the Panda or Cherry line so I don't know yet about this one.
  10. Love this line! I can't decide what to get---the key cles and the zipped wallet is cute! Love the round coin, too...:heart:
  11. I'm definitely getting the cles!
  12. omg Mypoupettes carol Ives bought it...thats her site name caroldiva
  13. thankyou for the pics and link I really love the Louis Vuitton Stephen, when will it come out ?
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