OMG this is amazing! The prettiest Stam ever!

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  1. the elusive petrol stam.. i agree that this one is sooo pretty! couple months ago another one showed up on ebay.. :yes:
  2. Petrol. Oh Ive seen this color IRL. It is to die for! I was just looking at this listing on ebay. I was going to have it authenticated but their isnt really enough pics, I dont think.
  3. Sooo pretty - its making me want something blue!
  4. it's beautiful!!!! :yes:
  5. This one is the Light Petrol from F/W (?) 2007. It was only available in Patchwork but was also available in some other styles. It differs significantly from the Quilted Petrol Stam that was released in 2005 (or Pre-2005- cant remember exactly)
  6. i think i've seen lou in this color too.. and an easy wallet..
  7. wow. that's one sexy color. i thought we were talking about the fall 05 icy petrol. i think i prefer this one. there's a soft calf petrol from fall 07, which is similar to pw petrol.

  8. SOOOOOOOOOOOO did you buy it then chanelmiaj?? :whistle: :ninja:
  9. I wish! I aked the seller what her reserve was and by the time she responded it was sold. :sad:
    Guess it wasn't meant to be.
    Glad to have seen it though.