OMG this is 1 HOT CAR .....

  1. :drool:A new concept BMW .... TDF!!!
  2. Love it. Looks like it's made of platinum.
  3. it is. have they put a price on it?
  4. ^Unfortunately, concept cars rarely make it to production!

    The car looks like a 4 door z coupe!!! I like :yes:
  5. It is the 2007 Shanghai BMW's 6.0-liter V12 . It could be the new 8 series (COME BACK)

    Here is the interior.... u def dont want ur kidz in this
  6. Wow!!
  7. Whoa pretty nice..I like the interior.
  8. I totally love it!!
  9. i wouldn't be surprised if that did make it to regular production, it isn't nearly as out-there as a lot of concepts.

    and it is f'ng GORGEOUS. love BMW.
  10. Wow, it's so pretty! Love the interior.
  11. That baby would sure turn some heads......damn it's a hot car LOL!
  12. oh it just burnt me its SO HOT!
  13. I am not really a BMW person at all but is hot :yahoo:
  14. Love!
  15. :drool: Guh, want!