omg this board is the best!!

  1. I know I sound like a nerd but what's funny, is that my friend was always like blah blah blah, louis vuitton this and that and I was like "ok that's cool." I always liked lv but never really got into it, or really thought about it. She has an audra that her husband bought off and I had to educate her that the website wasnt good. After that coversation she realized that she wasnt carrying an authentic. I came out to be the person who knows more about lv that she does, when she got me into lv. what's funny is when we go anywhere together, she's like "Is that real??" Her husband told me that he's getting her the piano bag but I'm not telling her!! hee hee. they're planning a trip to vegas and he's gonna take her to the lv shop and buy it. But anywayssss, without this board I would still be naive and not know anything. I love this board and it has helped sooooo many women out. Especially when it comes to let-trade, holy cow!! prices are insane there :yahoo: :smile: ok im done with my rant!! Love you all:heart: :heart:
  2. :yahoo:
  3. so totally agree! this is where i spend all my time!!!! (besides email checking and aim)..

    GOOD JOB VLAD AND MEGS!! :wlae: :yahoo: :balloon:
  4. I never use these cute little smilies...but this thread definately is deserving of a double yahoo!! Here goes... :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. I know!! This forum and thread saves me from so many hours of boredom! I know so much about stuff now :yes:
  6. Agreed this forum is fabulous.
  7. Im rather new here and I already think that this forum is the best!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::party:
  8. wellcome where do u come from in sweden???

    :nuts: yes nice but adictive forum LOL
  9. I love it here as well. This is my little vice! I check this place ALL the time! Healthy little habit I suppose (could be doing WORSE things!) I tried to explain it to my 9 year old son but he was all confused! I love you guys - nice to have others to share my obsession with!
  10. I love this forum too. I've been spending waaaay too much time on it though. I'm new and I'm still learning so I consider it to be educational.
  11. I agree, love this forum and love you all! I spend more time here than I care to admit.

    I have learnt so much, the education I receive here is priceless!
  12. I absolutely love this forum as well. The other day, I spoke to my SA about the Sophie and she was totally clueless about it. I had to tell her that it is currently selling in Japan and Hawaii..and asked if there is a possibility if it will sell in Canada..and she looked at me like " Where did you learn all this from?" see..i'm learning lots. lol
  13. Great.
  14. This forum is the best! I have learned so much from everyone!

  15. Me too, I spend my free time here and emails, thanks!!!! :wlae::love: