OMG this bag...

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  1. I got that feeling when i saw it... Does anyone actually own one of these ? [​IMG]
  2. it's a BIIIIIIIG bag

    The one thing I didn't love is that huge flap, its very hard to get into

    but it is gorgeous, just terribly impractical
  3. yeah, is it SOOOO big and heavy ... there's some celeb picture somewhere. it's like carry on airplane tote huge.

    gorgeous though!
  4. What would someone need a bag that big for except for travel or stuff for kids ? Are the mandy's similar but not so big ?
  5. the mandy is TINY compared to this bag

    it is prob the largest and heaviest I've seen
  6. It's from the Legacy collection. Mandy Moore, Kelly Ripa and Kate Beckinsale have this bag.
  7. ^^^ right, it's from legacy summer 06 - it has brown interior
  8. here's the catalog pic to give you a feel for the size

  9. Wow, Kelly Ripa is so tiny. That bag must look huge on her !
  10. I actually own that bag in both white and brown. It's gorgeous. It is very big though, like they've said, and Legacy bags are pretty heavy. It's the same bag as the Mandy, except without the flap, and it is a bit smaller, but not hugely smaller. They're vachetta leather and they're so classic and stylish looking. I like big bags, but I have to agree that I think they're too big for every day. I almost didn't keep the first one when I bought it, because it was so huge, but I just love it too much to get rid of it. And I lucked out and got my white one at the outlets last year for less than half of retail.
  11. I have it ithe white. It's big (I'm 5'0") and heavy...but I LOVE it! Then again, I love big bags. =)
  12. I love LARGE bags. And this one is no exception! It is beautiful. If I hadn't purchased so many legacy bags already this year, I would have probably tried to get one off of ebay.
  13. Wow, that is one huge bag. I agree it's not an everyday bag.
  14. I LOVE that bag. I remember seeing celebs carrying it last year and drooling uncontrollably.
  15. :drool: :heart:

    Such a pretty bag...I really wanted a brown one!

    I am a big bag person too...
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