OMG...think I am pregnant, please read!! (it's long, sorry!)

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  1. Ok girls, here's the deal....I am 33 yrs old and I have PCOS, therefore I do not ovulate without help and do not have periods without provera or BCP. I have an 8 yr old daughter that I conceived using a diabetic drug, which treats the source of the PCOS and produces ovulation. Last August, DH and I decided to try for one more but we knew that since it took 18 months to conceive our daughter, and the fact that I am older now...well we knew it might not happen. I have been on the diabetic drug Metformin since last September, and going in for monthly ultrasounds on my ovaries. I have not ovulated once and have had to take provera to induce a period every 60 days. The first day of my last period was May 11th and I decided to take a break from going in for my ovarian ultrasounds and just see what happened. I have not been charting my temps or using an ovulation predictor kit. I figured I'd just clear it all from my mind for a while and if I hadn't had a period by July 11th I'd go see my Dr. So I fully planned to schedule an appt. next week to discuss my options.

    Ok, so today is July 3rd and we have plans tomorrow to celebrate the 4th. I planned on drinking, so I decided this afternoon I better take a pregancy test just so that I could drink without any worries whatsoever. Other than feeling a little crampy, I have no symptoms at all. And feeling crampy is normal for me because I have digestive issues.

    I bought 20 pregnancy tests from a very reputable website that sells the kind the doctor's offices use...the sticks that you dip into a clean cup. I have taken a test once per week since the first week of June and they've all been clearly negative. Well the test I took this afternoon was clearly POSITIVE!! It came up right away. Now bear in mind, I have drank a lot of water today and urinated many times before I took the test. I was stunned, shocked, and just couldn't believe it. I waited a little while and took another test...same result. I drank a bottle of water, waited an hour and took another test. Positive but the line was a little lighter than before. I didn't drink anymore and waited 2 hours and took another test, positive again and a little darker than the one before.

    In all, I have taken 4 tests so far today and they are all positive. It is Friday afternoon, so I can't see a Dr. until Monday. My husband refuses to get the least bit excited about this right now...he pointed out all the bad possibilities...chemical pregnancy, tubal, etc.....I understand what he means. But I cannot help but feel sooooooo excited and happy....and that's where my TPF friends come in....I can't tell ANYONE until I see a Dr. and even then I should probably wait a few weeks to make sure all is well. But I wanted to tell I am telling you!! Please, please pray for me and the (possible) baby....thank you all so much for listening!
  2. Congratulations!!!! At least I hope :smile:

    I would completely freak out and go to the drugstore and buy one of every brand of pregnancy test I could find, then take them all LOL

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks!! If I can wait...I am going to go Sunday and get a different brand and test again. I still have plenty of test strips left but it would be reassuring to see a different brand give me the same results!
  4. i pray that you have a h&h 9 months.

    positive thoughts....
  5. Good luck, praying for you. :smile:
  6. All signs point to "pregnant." :smile: Best of luck to you, I hope you have a healthy 9 months! Please keep us posted!
  7. praying for you and excited for you too !
  8. :biggrin: I love it! It sounds as if you're well and truely pregnant! I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and enjoy every moment, it sounds as if it was meant to be.:tender:
  9. Congrats! Sending positive thoughts your way!!
  10. Good luck! I have PCOS too and got pregnant last year in June. I will be thinking of you!!
  11. Thank you all sooo much!!:ty:
  12. Congrats and good luck! I hope all goes well!
  13. Sending you serious pregnancy wishes!
  14. It looks like all signs point to you being pregnant! good luck when you see the Dr.
  15. I hope it works out for you!!!