~~ ** OMG, they've arrived!!! REVEAL! ** ~~ :-)

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  1. Wonderful! I love your Lady Peep with the red tip! Just perfect! Thank you very much for the modeling pics:flowers:
  2. Wow they are gorgeous on you!
  3. SEXY!!!!! I love these!
  4. Va Va Voom!!! What a sexy shoe!!! LOVE THEM!!
  5. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  6. They are gorgeous !!!! Congrats!!!!!! ;)
  7. :blush:Thank you very much sophinette007 missgiannina stefvilla *MJ* calisurf clothingguru :hugs:
  8. Reviving an old thread; those shoes are magnificent! I hope I can find one :woohoo:
  9. They are gorgeous, especially with the red tip! Congrats on an amazing pair!
  10. These are amazing 9distelle!!! They look so sexy on you!!!
  11. :ty: ellielily hazeltt stilly!!!
    After these months of continuos wearing,:choochoo: I still confirm that they are insanely, extremely comfy!!!:love: I wear for long hours without any problem! :cloud9: The toe box is fabulous And I feel like they massage my feet!!!:nuts:
  12. BEAUTIFUL, 9distelle!!
  13. they look amazing on you!
  14. Congrats 9distelle --- they are just beautiful! I haven't seen the black patent LP with red tip yet. Awesome mod pics! :biggrin:

    I see your avi has changed :P Looking for the pewter laminato Jenny 150?
  15. :ty: kisenian CMM Dessye!!!
    Dessye: I absolutely :love: the classic style of the pewter laminato Jenny 150! Maybe one day...:cloud9: