~~ ** OMG, they've arrived!!! REVEAL! ** ~~ :-)

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  1. omg those are beautiful.:nuts:
  2. Ooohhh wow! They'r amazing!
  3. :nuts: sexy shoes!!! congrats!
  4. gorgeous! congrats! Looking fwd to yr modelling pics
  5. Wow! 150 is like mt everest!! Congratulations for a pair of BEAUTIFUL, beautiful shoes! Wear them in great health, and I, too, am looking forward to your modeling pix.
  6. Wow! So hot! Now let's see em on you! ;)
  7. woooooowza!! :drool:
  8. These shoes are gorgeous! Lucky you :woohoo:Enjoy!!!
  9. Love them! Absolutely gorgeous!
  10. Gorgeous! Model please :smile:
  11. Congrats on the new purchase, C'est magnifique! :yahoo:

    These definitely are the current sexiest CL shoes!!!!!!!!!!!
    May I ask where did you get them from?
  12. *Whistles* SEXY- the red tips really makes them special. Can't wait to see them on you;)
  13. Wow, those are super-sexy!
    Who cares about your toe nail polish, we want modeling pics!!!
  14. I only have 1 pair of basic black 100mm CL's and these are amazing!!!!! OMG...I really want photos of you in these heels. I am jealous! I cannot even thing of wearing them that high!
  15. wow!! those are truely amazing, bring on modelling pics