OMG They need to make this

  1. A Monogram Groom Keepall limited edition in orange colour groom, wouldnt that be amazing ?
  2. I believe that LV should have only produced two Groom bags:
    Keepall 55
    Speedy 30

    [With the groom and line on the right side and have the groom on 1 side, where the LV's aren't upside down...]

    They would have looked GREAT. mmmmm. :nuts:
  3. I agree, that would have been cute!
  4. Ive made the pegase lol

  5. Speedy lol

  6. Love how the speedy looks
  7. I really like the speedy.
  8. Wow that IS cute. Special order maybe??? Ha just me wishful thinking.
  9. Oh My God :wtf: i want that speeeeeeeedy
  10. That Speedy is cute...I wish they were going to make one! :yes: With an orange stripe :love: !!!!
  11. so creative!!!!
  12. I want that speedy in red stripe and pochette too..
  13. I love it! Thanks socialite~!
  14. Socialite - can you be a doll and make one for real for us now? :yahoo:


    That is TDF!
  15. lol I dont know about making a real one but If you ask your SA in LV Im sure they may do one on special order but it would be expensive :biggrin: