OMG! they faked the neverfull MOCA already

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  1. and it's sooooo ugly LOL

    they even come with the WALLET????? :cursing:


    Picture 6.jpg Picture 7.jpg
  2. Oh goodness....sure doesn't take them long, does it?!!!
  3. Oh that looks terrible. Man those people work fast!
  4. eeew ...
  5. yeah!!! they are fast!
    but those fakes will never get any of the multicolore or coloured LV like all the murakami right....

    my friend even said that they have the fake street shopper too! i never thought that was faked!!! and he said that the fake street shopper, they PRINT the woven braided in 1 piece of leather :roflmfao:
  6. OMG...:cursing: they r VERY efficient...:yucky:
  7. and "creative" too i assume as LV never produced the wallet in teh 1st place LOL
  8. BUT for lot of ppl who doesnt know LV, they will buy it at high price thinking its really authentic...:nogood::tdown:
  9. OMG i hope not :crybaby:
    do u see how they kinda laminated the print? i hope people wuld know that an authentic LV would NEVER sell a bag in that condition...
    and i REALLY am gonna feel sorry if i see someone wearing this bag, because it's so OBVIOUSLY fake
  10. eww!!
  11. That is such a bad fake!!!
  12. Yikes! That's just plain ugly.
  13. they fake EVERYTHING. :tdown:
  14. There must be a "leak" from the designers or manufacturers of genuine bags to the black market.
  15. yikes!! :tdown:
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