OMG these superfakes are SCARRRYYY!!!

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  1. well i was browsing the net and i stumbled across THIS!!!
    LV Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags, Designer Chanel Chloe & Fendi Balenciaga Replicas, Authentic Mulberry & Burberry Gucci Christian Dior, Fake Replica Shoulder Hand Bags, Wallet & Purse it is scary!!!! I am new to LV and i sware some of these bags look exactly the same!!!! Maybe I should buy my first LV from here! i could buy like 15!:yahoo: hahahahha lol!!!:roflmfao: The miroirs are soooo funny i have seen some of these on eBay:sick: but the mono I cannot tell the difference!:confused1: :ninja: can any of you eagle eyes spot anything?

    im gutted though, my fendi spy cost over £1000 and i could have exactly the same one for £100:crybaby: :crybaby: they look the spitting image of each other!

    well tell me what you all think! while im here crying!!!
  2. :wtf: Really scary! No I really can't spot major differences skimming through LV section.
  3. that *is* scary! But could there be any chance that they have gotten one authentic bag for every fake model they sell and we see those bags?
  4. yeh thats true! I dont know, i mean would they buy a genuine bag of each one? someone should buy one and check it out!

  5. Why would anyone knowingly buy a fake?? I am having a hard time with you asking this, especially in this forum. I could go into all the horrible things that are supported with the selling and buying of fakes but there is so much information on that in this forum maybe you should check it out.
  6. Swanky Mama of Three already closed one of these threads. Maybe you should heed the warning and post where you are supposed to. Just a thought.

  7. im sorry i thought we were supposed to highlight these things to make sure unsuspected newbies are aware! I should have posted this is the best/worst fakes ever, but I am finding it hard to understand that you are being so rude for no reason other than that I have highlighted something.
  8. they almost literally took lv site images or eluxury and put them as theirs, so watch out gals
  9. They bought the authentic LV from LV stores and use those authentic LV as stunt
  10. Also, look at the main pictures..every single one is stolen from eluxury.
  11. hmmmmm WOW.

    I already closed one of your threads on this exact same topic w/ a reminder of where to post these threads.
    Please do not start another after a Moderator closes it, it's disrespectful.
    If you want to post fakes, please do it where everyone else has to, in the sticky PROVIDED at the top of this Forum.
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