OMG these superfakes are SCARRRYYY!!!

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  1. well i was browsing the net and i stumbled across THIS!!!
    LV Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags, Designer Chanel Chloe & Fendi Balenciaga Replicas, Authentic Mulberry & Burberry Gucci Christian Dior, Fake Replica Shoulder Hand Bags, Wallet & Purse it is scary!!!! I am new to LV and i sware some of these bags look exactly the same!!!! Maybe I should buy my first LV from here! i could buy like 15!:yahoo: hahahahha lol!!!:roflmfao: The miroirs are soooo funny i have seen some of these on eBay:sick: but the mono I cannot tell the difference!:confused1: :ninja: can any of you eagle eyes spot anything?

    im gutted though, my fendi spy cost over £1000 and i could have exactly the same one for £100:crybaby: :crybaby: they look the spitting image of each other!

    well tell me what you all think! while im here crying!!!
  2. Let me put your mind at ease. THERE IS NO WAY ON THIS EARTH THAT A FAKE SPY LOOKS ANYTHING LIKE AN AUTHENTIC ONE!! You spent your money wisely. Fendi leather cannot be duplicated, and neither can anything LV. Quality shows! :yes:
  3. i sware im having a heart attack!!!!!!! i know thats true that the leather is fendi leather etc but aaaahhhh!
  4. Totally agree^:yes:

    I've seen this site before and it's totally yucky!!:yucky:

    You'll soon feel much better having spent the money on a bag that is the real deal, will last you for years and will still have re-sale value when you've had enough of it!! (not that you ever will, these genuine bags are highly addictive);)

    £100 on supporting the counterfeit industry?
    You're better off getting £100 and chucking it down a drain!:yes:
  5. hey you guys! We've been asking repeatedly that you keep all these posts/threads in one place. We provide a thread about bad fakes, please only post in that thread.
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