OMG these sellers crack me up ! haha !

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  1. OMG seeing some of these sellers on Ebay cracks me up :lol: :lol:, I allways see these listings. Here is an example of one (made up by me)

    "Hello, I have been selling fine designer luxury goods for over 5 years.
    You are looking at a multi-color speedy 30 I bought last week from Louis Vuitton in Las vagas. I do not want it now, its not my style. I paid $600 for this from the store. The speedy comes with satin LV lining, strap and feet. It is a very unique bag and is very sought after. I do not have the boxes and dustbag because I threw them out. The bag is plastic, it is very limited edition. Grab a bargain today ! BID ! BID ! BID !."
  2. LOL wow.... ummmm wow. that gets a big fat :yucky:
  3. Q - "Hello Im very interested in your bag, do you have the receipt ?"
    A - "hello, unfortunately my poodle ate it last week, sorry"
  4. Q - "Dear Friend, my company sells large designer wholesale LV items, good quaility fakes from china. We will give you special discount if interested."
  5. :roflmfao:

    Seller: "The LB print on the bag is very clear and um nice and stuff"
    Buyer: "You mean LV"
    Seller: "Um yeah... riiight, LV"
  6. Q - "Im sorry but this bag is fake, the description is totally wrong for this type of bag. If Louis Vuitton sold you this...I would sue."
    A - "This is a very rare bag, I purchased it myself last week, Im even on CCTV entering the store. Do not think my bag is fake. It is probably a rare and exclusive style!"
  7. Ask questions and I will play the seller in answering them lol ! its fun !
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  9. Q: "Hi what's the date code on the bag?"
  10. A - "Hi, there is no date code on this style of bag, they are special order. If you want to speak to my SA Virginica, she will tell you that the bag is so rare and impossible to find, thats why it doesnt have a date code. It came exclusive from paris"
  11. Q: "Hi I want a purple speedy with green handles and a shoulder strap. But I want the pockets to be like the Mirror bag, do you have this bag?":sweatdrop:
  12. A - "Im going to call my SA Virginica and she may be able to get me one of these since Iam VIP. I will e-mail you back soon. Im just going to ring my contacts in paris so they can make this bag up for you. Thanks for your question and please look at my other auction for the special order strawberry blossom bag".
  13. hahaaha strawberry blossom bag!
  14. Q: Hi I see you are local in my city. Do you do local pickup?
  15. Um, wait- wait.. while you are on the tele- could you see if you can get me that snow globe- you know the one with the statue of liberty in it..:yes: