OMG, theres a case on Judge Judy about a FAKE LV!

  1. Some nuthead sold the ugliest fake "LV Speedy" on eBay.. and ahahhahahhahhaha the seller was brought to Judge Judy and humilated in front of 10 million people and as scammer and as a seller of these horrible fake bags!!

    Judy was talking about serial numbers, piping, patina.. wow! She was a pro, she obviously owns a few LV's :heart:

    WOOO Justice!
  2. Oh I wished I would've seen this!! How funny!!
  3. darn, which i saw the show! anyone have this on youtube?
  4. Go Judge Judy!!!!!!!!!!
  5. haha!!! judge judy knew her stuff!! that is awesome!
  6. YOUTUBE PLEASE???? ANYONE!??:cursing:
  7. oh cool! I wish I saw that!
  8. OmG I wish i had seen that!!!!!!!
  9. I love Judge Judy, she's like everyone's 'tough' Nanna rolled into one, accessorised with a gavel and a frown! :smash:
  10. Wao... she a kick ass judge!!
  11. it was awesome! i love judge judy!! i saved it on my tivo :biggrin:
  12. Hilarious!
  13. wow, How much did the fake seller have to pay the plaintiff? I am glad that she got EXPOSED
  14. I wish I could have seen this episode of Judge Judy!! So glad she humiliated that seller who sold the fake LV bag! Woohoo!
  15. I just saw it too, Judge Judy looked like she was very familiar with LVs! I watched it with my husband who was very intrigued about serial codes, etc.