OMG! There may be hope YET!! Read on..!!

  1. Okay this isn't really Coach-related, but I :heart: you ladies in this section and feel at home here so I feel like sharing LOL.

    Anyway so a few days ago a bunch of trolls came on TPF from some car forum and everyone was talking about what jerks they were. So I had nothing better to do today than go lurk there to see how bad they really were (and OMG some of the stuff was completely ridiculous.. like complaining about the plot in PORN movies?? WTF??)

    BUT some of the threads were REALLY sweet.. like this one guy's gf lost her dog and she was super upset about it so he posted about it on the forum. And the rest of the guys were REALLY helpful and gave good advice. (Including some who yelled at him for sitting around and posting on a forum while he could be out looking for the dog). Anyway, I guess what I realized was that these guys aren't all jerks and jack:censor: es.. when they really care about a girl they'll go all out for her and their friends understand. It was really touching to see that guys are capable of helping each other out and that they could understand how much the dog meant to the girl and how much the guy wanted to save the day and make his gf feel better.

    I guess it really helped me see that there really are good guys out there.. sure they maybe immature, insensitive, and downright clueless sometimes, but they really do care about us when the relationship is serious :love: Gives me a little more faith in love. :heart:

    (Good Lord.. and all this from visiting a CAR FORUM :lol:)

    And just so this isn't completely coach-unrelated.. here's a pic of my scribble hobo with my new goldfish keyfob LOL!! :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  2. Hehehe, cute post! I think I needed that extra encouragment, thanks!!

    And cute bag! :smile:
  3. ^Aw thanks! And yeah.. I think sometimes we could all use a little encouragement when it comes to guys.. I know I've come across my fair share of jerks LOL.
  4. Oh girl, havent we all? :upsidedown:
  5. LOL! I love how you incoperated the picture of your COACH! Thats too cute! Dang, that bag and keyfob look really good together!

    That is pretty sweet. Boys surprise you like that sometimes. I know what you mean about some of it being ridiculous over there though LOL I'm on a car forum only because my SO is and he made me sign up so I could read threads with him. They can be really mean over there, mostly theyre just smarta**'s! I dont even bother posting over there or else theyd eat me alive LOL
  6. I just love the luvvvv here. It's warm, cuddly and nice to stick around.
  7. Love the goldfish keychain!!!
  8. awwww, that's so sweet!

    I don't understand guys... it's like there's a switch in their brain that allows them to be trashy and disgusting one second, and caring and compassionate the next. I guess that's what keeps them interesting, right? :rolleyes:

  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: So true....sometimes I feel like I am living with 2 different men....But I think women can be like that as well.
  10. cute!!
  11. LOL!!!! OMG I feel better about going to lurk on the car forum now.. I didn't register/post there just bc I know crap about cars (I don't think I even know my own license plate number to be honest! :upsidedown: ). It was a great experience for stepping into guy-world and seeing how they think (but I would seriously cry if I was stuck there.. I love girl-world and our purses WAY more!)

    Lisa & Foxhunt.. that's so true.. sometimes it's liek dr. jekyll/mr. hyde with guys! One second they're prince charming and the next it's like wtf just happened!!
  12. Yep, all guys aren't jerks!

    I love that bag I should have purchased that and didn't.
  13. NO my husband is still clueless!!!
  14. i love your bag, it is what i want, don't think that the store carries it anymore!