OMG there is a plethora of............

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  1. The Whiskey leather legacy shoulder bag on ebay. I was up late looking to get another bag :graucho: when I came across them. I think me likey and what to gety! I am also looking at a blue siggy tie dye tote. I want to use it as my "I'm a mom with two kids and need to bring everything including the kitchen sink bag" :lol: oh, I am also drawn to the Raisin leather legacy shoulder bag as well. Does anyone have one with a nice picture to share?

    What have you noticed seeing a lot on ebay?

    PLEASE do not say fakes!!! We don't want to go there!! :nogood: :noggin:
  2. I have seen a TON of whiskey leighs on ebay... is the color not popular or? I love that color in the leigh... I'm just wondering why there are so many people out there at are selling them? I've also noticed that there are a lot of Heritage Stripe Totes (Canvas Coated) that are in numerous amounts as well...
  3. i think you should gety one :graucho:

    I have seen a lot of the little soho flap bags, but I love them so it is not a bad thing :biggrin:
  4. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  5. I have seen a ton of whiskey leighs on ebay as well... probably because you could find them fairly easily at the outlets for less than $250 I believe. I was surprised when I saw one in the clearance section of my outlet... I almost got it! Other than that, most things I see at the outlet pop up on ebay the next week (after a new floorset)!
  6. I don't think it's that people don't like them, I think it's more that they have hit the outlets and that is the main color they usually have, and people buy them to resell them. :tup:
  7. They are sooo beautiful! But also kinda heavy once you fill 'em up..maybe that contributes to the selling of a lot of them?
  8. Since the whiskey is a nice brown, I would just imagine that Coach produced more in this color leading to more being sold at outlets leading to more on eBay.
  9. yeah they are at the outlets. they've been getting a lot lately but selling quick. i assume a lot of them are just buying to resell on ebay. the color that is hard to find at outlets are the black legacy shoulder. i think it would be best to buy one soon since there are many selling at the same time so you could get a good deal. The legacy shoulder bag is selling for 159.99 at outlets. HTH
  10. [​IMG]

    Here is a pic of my raisin shoulder bag when it was new. I absolutely love the color!!! There have been a bunch of them in various colors at the outlets lately for $159.99. That is definitely why there are so many on eBay. I highly recommend the raisin! I'm personally not a big fan of whiskey.
  11. I am actually JUST home from my outlet....they had about 5 of the whiskey shoulder bags and 2 or 3 Leighs in whiskey too! :smile:
  12. Has anyone seen that shoulder bag at the outlets in black?^^
  13. I want this bag so much!!!!!
  14. I just got my Whiskey and Raisin shoulder bags last week and I was very pleased. The Raisin is such a beautiful color. And once I fell in love with the Whiskey shoulder bag I went and picked up the COACH LAURETTE ITALIAN LEATHER WYCLIFF W/LEGACY MULTI CUFF BOOT in Whiskey. It is a great combo and they are very comfortable even though they are 4 inch heels.
  15. Ive done really well on ebay as far as Legacy pieces go. I dont have a close outlet, so thats pretty much my only way to get these bags that I now decide that i need to have! I got a whiskey Leigh, and a raisin and juniper shoulder bag all in the last two months!