OMG! The SWAT team was just at a house across the street!

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  1. I so should have taken pictures of this but I was stunned.
    I woke up this morning to about 30 men shouting "OPEN THE DOOR!!!!!". So I immediately woke up and went outside.

    I see a man across the street from the house they are trying to get into with a gun pointed in the general direction of the house (this is when I realize this is SERIOUS!!)

    All streets were blocked off from every direction with police cars/swat trucks and vans. The swat members were decked out with helmets, camo clothing, guns, bullet proof vests, etc.

    It took about 2 hours but finally 2 people came out in cuffs and were put into the police car. Currently there are police just surrounding the area constantly. We have absolutely NO idea what is going on in that house. My roomate asked a police officer and he wouldn't tell her.. (do we have a right to know or is there some confidentiality issue?)

    What a crazy morning! Can't wait to read about it in the paper tomorrow...I have never seen anything like this!:police:
  2. Wow.... I hope everything is okay!

    Stay safe and keep us updated!
  3. This happens on my in-laws street all the time. Once when I was staying there we were stuck for half a day because they blocked off the street from all traffic. :rolleyes:
  4. Crazy! I hope you went back inside after you saw the guns!!
  5. When I was staying with my In-Laws, I had the dogs out in the front yard, and I bent over to pick Mariah up, my back was toward the street. I heard my SO say "oh wow!" as I said "what?" I turned to face the street and all of the armored trucks were coming down the street with the SWAT team hanging off of them. It was crazy.

    But, that was just the start of them being around the corner from my In-Laws like every 6 months! Drug dealing is baaaad:tdown:
  6. Yeah, I think it had something to do with drugs. I'm not sure though. The police said we could read about it tomorrow in the newspaper so I will be sure to post the link to the online article.

    My roomates and I all just sat on the porch and watched. Everyone on our street was just watching, it was kind of entertaining. Apparently these men are always into some sort of trouble..I definitely do not feel safe with them living directly across the street from me..

    will keep you updated on any news I hear.
  7. That's nuts. I would be so curious to know what was going on...
  8. :yes: It is entertaining, thats for sure. Kind of like when I was younger and living in an Apt. complex, the neighbor's were always arguing with each other! It was like WWE every weekend :boxing:lmao! As long as my name didnt come up, it was very, very entertaining! :lol:

    Thank god I live in a quiet neighborhood now.
  9. that's insane!!!!11
  10. You better stop being nosey and stay in the house!!!!
  11. Remember now....innocent until proven guilty.....
  12. Lol. I can't help it, I'm a nosey person, especially when the SWAT team is involved with a neighbor.

    I will def. post the article tomorrow AM.
  13. mm from a personal safety aspect, just something to think about, if you post the article and it gives precise details of location then anyone viewing this will know roughly where you live.
  14. Uhm, where do you live so I can cross it off my list of places to visit? :smile:
  15. Wow..that is real scary!!