OMG the most amazing LV bag ever !

  1. That really is an amazing keepall. I didnt even know they produced this in the keepall. Thanks for sharing.
  2. it is nice.
  3. gorgeous :heart:
  4. lol, a biiiiig tube :lol:
  5. beautiful! I've never seen anything like it..
  6. Ooooh I never knew this came in anything besides the clutch !
  7. Fab-u-lous! :nuts:
  8. Not my style....but I regularly check this seller's auctions. She has unique items, many vintage. She's a My Poupette reseller and always answers questions promptly. She usually lists new things on Mondays!
  9. Wow!
  10. its so pretty!! i love it.
  11. I posted this in the authentic thread earlier, I love it too!
  12. oh wow i've never seen anything like this~!
  13. I saw that yesterday, it's on my watch list! So pretty.
  14. It's so pretty! I had no idea this style was ever made! I love it!