OMG!!!! The Indy bag is on Bluefly

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  1. LOL, I know It is gone, I hope some pfer got one!!!! It really is a great looking bag,but it weighs a ton and hurts. but hey greatdeal.
  2. gone...
    wow - great deal.
  3. Just to let anyone know, the matching shoes with the silver plates , suede are on sale at the boutique. They are very very sexy
  4. I have a feeling it is in someone's cart right now while they are trying to decide if they want it. Keep checking if you really want it. It seems like things appear and disappear all the time on Bluefly.
  5. They are available again. Quick get it before they are gone again.
  6. gone!
  7. The black one is available right now
  8. I don't get Bluefly. Just a few minutes ago they only had the black one available and I just checked again now the black one is gone but the brown Guccissima one is available. I am sure if I check again it will be different. So if you really want it I am sure if you keep checking you will be able to get it.

    UPDATE. Yep I was right now they are both available again. I am sure it will change again any minute.
  9. 1st is gone, 2nd available. lol
  10. Black one's available again!
  11. I was wondering, is Bluefly 100% authentic and can I believe them? I think I heard a story long time ago that they were selling fake stuff....and why is the price so low? Are they selling second hand or items that have problems? How's the afterservice and are things refundable if there is something worng with the item?
  12. ^ I never used bluefly, but I heard they have good return policy. You should have no problems returning it.
  13. I just posted this in another thread

    YAY!!!! I was hoping someone here would pick that great purse up.

    Yes, Bluefly had some trouble selling a few brands of fake bags a while ago. So far all the Gucci's have been real. I really don't think they knowingly sold fake bags. I think they must have bought them really believing they were real.

    Bluefly is definitely a 100% legit company.
    Look at the very bottom of their webpage and you will see this.

    ©1998-2007, Bluefly, Inc. | Bluefly (BFLY) is a NASDAQ SMALLCAP Company.​

    Any company that is traded on the stock market has to be legit. It is not someone's garage. So you don't have anything to worry about except how to pay for it when you get your credit card bill (just kidding)

    I know some people have had problems with their customer service but I have never had any problems with them. And I returned something I bought for my mother that she did not like and I got a refund right away. You have 90 days no questions asked as long as you do not remove the tag that is attached. That says you can not return once removed. Their return policy is way better than Gucci's which gives you only 10 days.

    I bought my Brown Guccissima Princy Hobo and my New Britt Hobo that are below in my signature from Bluefly. I just hope they get the new bag I am dying for that is coming out for the Fall line​
  14. this bag is super stylish!!!! they sold out fast!!!
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