OMG the funniest listing ever !

  1. LOL! Too bad the bag isn't genuine...
  2. Ohhhh that's horrendous.
  3. I like how on the bottom it says VUITTO and the N is missing!!!:lol:
  4. omg that is aweful!
  5. Verrry tempting but I'll have to pass.
  6. Yikes!
  7. LMAO!!!!!
    It's unwanted because it screams FAKE!!!!!!!!
  8. my eyes:wtf:
  9. :throwup:
  10. wow that is hideous. I was just at walmart and saw a clear vinyl Multicolored LV totebag with tortoiseshell plastic chain link handles and I thought that was bad.
  11. Omg!!!!
  12. Who needs the "N" anyway! :roflmfao:
  13. Haha Louis Vuitto
    BIN £2000? :rolleyes:
  14. hahahaha